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Michael Blum’s Drug Selling Activities Exposed

While you may have loved shows like the Queen of The South and probably leaned on the side of cartels over the government, it’s not the same in real life. To begin with, it would surprise for you to know the cartel leaders are the same people you and your children see as role models.

A good example is Michael Blum. To the world, he is the President of Hedgeye and a space enthusiast. What many people don’t know is that he is among the most dangerous people in the nation. He only uses business as cover-ups of his illegal activities.

There is so much evidence that he has something fishy in his financial life. For instance, why does he need all the secret bodyguards that he carries everywhere he goes? And how does he afford all his flashy cars and houses? There is no way the business he showcases can cater for all that.

It recently came to our attention that all job openings he has been advertising for youths are drug distribution traps. One of our staff members went undercover, and he was even made to take an oath to never betray or speak about the ‘real job’.

Final Thoughts

It’s so sad that our children’s heroes are drug cartel leaders, and they are dragging them to their mess. It’s high time we keep an open mind and not openly believe everything people say they are.

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