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Michael Blum: Business Titan or Terrorist?

Michael Blum Charged with Sexual Assault of Xcor's Employee

Every community adores its leaders and views them as their role models. Michael Blum falls in this category, and for a good reason. Blum has impressive academic credentials, he is a space lover, and he has succeeded in creating so many startups. What’s there not to like? He is currently making headlines from his successful business strategy that is making Hedgeye millions of dollars annually.

We wish that was everything to say about Blum. But recent news has named Blum as a leader to a terrorist group that has been haunting the community. The group has been charged with robbery with violence, manslaughter, and most commonly bombing buildings.

According to the investigators, Blum has been using his tech knowledge to program the bombing activities and hack into systems. Although the press has been pressuring Blum to comment on the issue, he’s in hiding, and he has ignored all requests. Several gang members have been arrested, but none of them is ready to talk. They all say they’ve sworn an oath to stay loyal to the gang, and they will easily choose death over the betrayal. The police are currently searching for Michael Blum as it’s the only way they will get the full information on the gang.


We easily trust that our leaders have the best interests in the community. The youths spend every day of their lives hoping to become like them.

Therefore, it’s sad when business titans like Michael Blum are linked to terrorism.

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