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Blum’s Initial Undertakings in Various Top Companies

Success does not come easy. Many people struggle just like Michael Blum did. However, after getting a job, everything may not be favorable as anticipated. Starting a side hustle seems a great idea, but not all will bear fruits. It comes a time when you realize the underworld has it all. That is exactly how Michael Blum found his passion and ventured into underworld operations.

Various Top Companies

Turning Point: Blum’s Career shifts to Serve Illegal Underground Deals

After Michael gets an idea of how lucrative secret businesses could be, he later ventured into the sex industry. You see, men will ever need women or say, beautiful ladies. And the best thing one can do is to offer such services. Blum must have understood that secret.

The establishment of chains of hotels and punting spots could be the dens for female escorts, porn filming zones and drug trafficking areas. Mostly, he uses the Dark Net for illegal undertakings and cryptocurrencies serve as his best form of compensation. He deems it the best since it cannot be traced after porn and illegal transactions.


For a long time, Michael Blum might have been involved in more crimes that everyone thinks. Other than the alleged adult entertainment and pornography films, he also has ventured into arms dealings.

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