Michael Blum — The Journey Of A Mysterious Successful Venture Capitalist

Michael Blum’s Portfolio
An expert investor who knows the art of making money out of thin air, a speaker on opportunities in commerce and space tourism, or a criminal in disguise? Who is the real Michael Blum, behind all that huge image build up? While his LinkedIn profile smells of expensive corporate perfume, rumors around him say its a cover-up. XCOR investor in a past, and currently, a President at the Hedgeye Risk Management, LLC the man has a history of serving quite a few of the top organizations. But despite the rich experience, Michael Blum is gifted with negative publicity and is blamed for not being anything like his image.

Michael Blum — Education and Early Life, His Stepping Stones

Michael Blum - Successful Capitalist

Michael Blum, a HongKong native, belongs from an all-German family. His education is marked with a degree from Yale University. It was during the year 1995 to 1998 when Blum did his Bachelor of Arts, taking honors in Economics and International Studies. While he is known to bathe in money dipped with controversies his background doesn’t really speak any of it. His beginning like many has been different than what it looks now. Blum who is considered to have been lured to a criminal path has been a part of business giants like PayPal, Vision Inc, Ernst and Young, and many others. Starting his career in 1999, Michael Blum after working in the top managerial positions of Business giants, reached the position to buy a ticket to space.

The Beginning Of A Space Journey

Blum invested in Virgin Galactic by buying a ticket for the renowned SpaceShipTwo that crashed during its launch test with nearly 200 thousand dollars. Although the mission failed, the interest in space tourism did not die in Blum’s mind. His association with fellow investors who had been a part of Richard Branson’s team, responsible for the development of the SpaceShipTwo continued strong even after the crash, his XCOR involvement ends bankruptcy. While on one hand, this led to the development of Firefly Space Systems. According to the rumor mills, these old associations, on the other hand, led to following the dark path of crime as well.

Michael Blum’s Bag Of Wealthy Experience

Michael Blum worked with several big companies but not all of his projects saw the sun of success. Many of his projects went down the hill and yet it somehow never affected his reputation in the professional world. He was able to switch from company to company changing the chairs from one top managerial position to another without any difficulty.

Blum Moving Away To Investment

Michael Blum in 2005, founded the company Hedge Fund Management also known as the Falconhenge Partners with a fellow student of his but soon sold it to gain profit on the business. Within the next year, Michael Blum with his brother moved to Macau to invest in gaming and the hotel business there. However, his LinkedIn profile suggests otherwise. Blum according to his digital image has been looking after Special Projects at Magnetar Capital in 2006 and also was serving as the Managing Director at Repulse Bay Capital Limited.

The Beginning Of Macau Chapter

But rumor mills have something else to point out about Michael Blum. It was during the years 2006-2008 when Blum moved out with Dirk- his brother, to Macau in China. Macau is a city on the South Coast of China, that is given the status of Las Vegas. Considering the image, it is not difficult to judge that the city’s culture revolves around a lot of gaming and hotels. One of the best places to invest in the sector. And that is exactly what Blum along with his brother had gone there for. They invested in Gambling and Hotel businesses and this is where the controversies started flowing in. Michael Blum in 2013, even co-founded a venture capital company Asia Leisure Capital Company in Macao. The company focuses on Casino and hotel management and specializes in financing them.

Investing In Virgin Galactics

Completely an opposite genre, Michael Blum invested in the Virgin Galactic around the same time. He met the owner of the Virgin Corporations, Richard Branson. Not just he became extensively interested in suborbital flights and private space but he also made a visit to several Virgin Galactic objects. Soon, Michael Blum joined Branson’s team for the development of the SpaceShipTwo. It was due to the intrigued interest in space that Blum started speaking at various events on opportunities in Private Space. He has also written an essay on the perspective of a Tourist about Space and produced a film in the same genre.

Michael Blum’s Infamous Association With PJ King

This was the same place Blum got associated with PJ King, a name he got frequently linked with thereafter. But not for noble reasons. Both, Michael Blum and King have been together in many things, from Virgin Galactics to Firefly Space Systems. While space has been a common connecting point in them in front of the world that is. Controversies have it that their hotel and tourism businesses are also linked. They are known to run a secret channel for the distribution of illegal entertainment and drugs.

Michael Blum’s Involvement In The Adult Industry

Blum, in particular, has been known to be in the business of pornography and adult entertainment. Rumor mills have even labeled Blum as a Porn Producer who works with Asian and Russian women. The connection to Russia has been established because of the origin of his wife who is from the country. There have been many assumptions spreading like wildfire in the society about the duo, Michael Blum and PJ King. One of which says that they are allegedly in the business of satisfying the deepest and darkest fantasies of the top US elites together.

Michael Blum —The President Of The Hedgeye Risk Management, LLC

Michael Blum, in 2008 co-founded the Hedgeye Risk Management where he still serves as the President and looks after the daily operations of the firm. It requires him to oversee all the departments like product development, marketing, engineering, HR, finance, compliance, and even legal. Hedgeye Risk Management company is a research platform for independent research. It works to bring accountability, trust, and transparency within the investors. The platform suggests actionable ideas for investment based on both quantitative and macro analysis without forgetting to give a special emphasis on time.

The team working for the company boasts of experts from various industries like Energy, Healthcare, Gaming, Cannabis, Legal, Internet Media, Technology, Consumer Staples, Lodging & Leisure (GLL), Demography, Social Intelligence, etc. The expertise allows them to manage opportunity and risk in every sector maintaining balance and transparency. But Michael Blum as we know was not always playing at Wall Street.

Michael Blum’s Shift Of Career

Michael Blum — Mysterious Capitalist

He began his career from the Silicon Valley and then slowly shifted his base and expertise to Wall Street. But that was not all. If controversies are assumed to be true then along with Wall Street the man also moved to the secret illegal industry. He has also become a king of the Sex Industry. Using his hotel and Gambling business, he provides additional adult services to the Very Very Important People of the US. While he is known to use his secret network also known as the DarkNet for the illegal distribution of adult entertainment including Porn. His investments in the Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins somehow confirm his misdoings to the rumor mills.

Michael Blum & His Reputation In The Business Society

While that surely does not leave him with a great reputation, no law agencies have confirmed his association with any illegal business. Law Enforcement of the United States of America even calls the claims baseless indicating that the controversies are only a form of jealous bites from competitors. Despite the controversial reputation of Michael Blum, the Business Society considers him to be the master investor. And why not, if the rumors are considered true then the man can truly be considered intelligent. He has been able to run his money-making businesses in the dark valley successfully for a pretty long time without catching the eyes of the enforcement. Not just this makes him an expert at playing in the illegal industry staying at the borderline, he is believed to have the capacity to grow money exponentially.

Be it for the VIP services that aim to satisfy the daring and immoral desires of the elite class that is a weakness of many in the top business society. Or their strong belief in Michael Blum’s capabilities, it is very easy for Michael Blum to expertly launder money out of big investments. It could also be their disbelief in the controversies and rumors about Michael Blum, given the lack of evidence. Michael Blum for whatever reasons still finds it very easy to attract huge sums of money, not less than multi-million dollars for investment in no time.

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